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Reflexology - Feet, Hands, Face or Ears, Menopause, Hot stone Reflexology, AromaFlex, RLD (Reflexology Lymph Drainage), Reiki, Indian head Massage, Facial Massage and Ear Candling in Newton Flotman, Norwich, Norfolk

About Me:
My passion for Natural Medicine has been with me for as long as I remember, from picking Chamomile flowers for my Grandmother's hair rinse as a child to picking Rosemary leaves for my own hair rinse as an adult. I remember as a child I would play in the fields and get stung by Nettles so I made up my own little remedy by putting some Dock leaves into my clean bubble container and filling it with water, ready to dab on when needed. Natural Medicine and nature's ways had been planted like a seed in the core of my being. As I grew, so did my wonder, knowledge, experience, skills and passion. I continued to experiment, growing my own herbs, using Herbal tinctures, Homeopathic remedies and Essential oils with inspiring results.

I worked for a while at Neal's Yard Remedies in Norwich and learned so much more about the wonderous healing properties of plants and about all sorts of complementary therapies. In 2004 I trained as an Indian Head Massage Therapist in Norfolk. I became a Mother in 2006 and trained as a Childminder which has blended well with Motherhood.

Being keen to bring my working life back in line with my Natural Medicine and Holistic Therapy passions I resumed my therapy training and gained my Reiki Practitioner certificate in 2018 in Norwich. I received my Level 3 Reflexology diploma (with Distinction) in July 2018. Continuing, over these years, to gain certificates in AromaFlex, Ear Candling, Hot Stone Reflexology, Hand Reflexology, RLD (Reflexology Lymph Drainage), Facial Reflexology and regular and ongoing training with Weleda. I'm currently Studying Ear Reflexology, which is said to be particularly useful for pain management. I'm looking forward to incorperating this into some of my treatments as well as offering it as a stand alone treatment.

I believe in working Holistically, treating the whole person - not just the symptoms of imbalance and disease (dis-ease) and am passionate about living in harmony with the natural world and natures cycles, harnessing what is on offer to us. My treatments are designed with relaxation in mind, the treatment room is cozy with low lighting and soft music playing. I offer a short guided visualisation at the beginning of treatments for clients who wish to sink into a deeply relaxed state. Relaxation is key to healing. As our bodies relax the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which is the state needed for our bodies to best heal and recover.

I am a fully insured member of the AoR (Association of Reflexologists), and am committed to furthering my knowledge and skills to best support my clients to reach their own deeper levels of wellness.

My Holistic Therapy practice is based in Newton Flotman near Norwich, Norfolk and is easily accessible from Norwich, Long Stratton and surrounding areas. I also work in the therapy room above Reno Refills (the wholefood shop) in Wymondham. I offer a range of complementary therapies, including:

  • Reflexology (Feet)
  • Facial Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Menopause Reflexology
  • RLD (Reflexology Lymph Drainage)
  • AromaFlex (Reflexology using essential oils)
  • Hot Stone Reflexology
  • Ear Reflexology (Auricular Therapy) - Including Ear Seeds (Auricular Taping)
  • Reiki Healing
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Ear Candling and
  • Facial Massage - 100% Natural Products

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    I am also a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, offering advice on our extensive range of 'Natrue certified' Natural Body products and Medicines. Come along and have a play with some gorgeous products and explore how they might best support your wellness and skincare needs throughout the phases of your life and the the changing seasons.

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